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Communications & Computer Support Celebrating 20 Years
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Computer Support & Maintenance

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Communications & Computer Support computer hardware support

24 Hour Telephone Support & Backup
We have an IT Technician on call 24 hours per day 7 days a week for emergency situations.

Remote Support
We use Remote Support log-in and may be able to solve issues remotely by logging into your machine.

This system is very secure, safeguarding your privacy, and you are able to see what the technician is doing during the session. Remote Support log-in ›

Communications & Computer Support computer software support

Support & Maintenance » On-site Support

Our staff can travel onsite to resolve any issues you have with servers, network faults, workstations, and laptops. We can also provide regular on-site maintenance to look at any small issues that arise and to make sure all computer systems have the latest updates installed.

Communications & Computer Support aim is to get clients up and running as soon as possible with minimal downtime and business disruption.

Support & Maintenance » Preventative and routine maintenance

Just like you have your car serviced regularly to avoid unnecessary breakdowns and maintain your vehicle, the same rule applies for your computers. Regular maintenance is essential.

We understand that minimal computer downtime is important to run a successful business and we can tailor routine maintenance tasks to be done outside business hours therefore causing minimal disruption to productivity. This can include file restructuring, database and hardware maintenance.

Support & Maintenance » Maintenance Contracts

Communications & Computer Support introduced maintenance contracts to improve the service to our clients. This involves a more proactive approach, helping to resolve minor issues before they become major problems.

A maintenance contract provides the following benefits to your network, carried out monthly:

  • Check server backups: Check all logs, the capacity of the disk drives and internal backup disks;
  • Check server event logs: Check internal server system logs generated which can highlight potential server issues;
  • Install server updates: Install security patches and restart the server when necessary. To reduce network downtime this is done after business hours;
  • Disk Capacity: Report on disk space used/free space and provide trends of data usage;
  • Server Hard Disk “Defrag” - Optimising file access performance through server harddisk data defragmentation;
  • Check antivirus software: Check antivirus software is current and all workstations are receiving updates;
  • Mailbox usage: Provide a list of user mailboxes highlighting any excessive usage.

Monthly written reports
The maintenance contract also entitles your business to the following benefits:

  • A written report is emailed each month;
  • An exclusive hourly rate for maintenance customers. This includes all on-site and remote support charges;
  • Backup monitoring: Configure your backup system to report to CCS via a daily email alert when backups fail or are skipped.

Communications & Computer Support Celebrating 20 Years

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